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Goalies Are Always In Demand

I decided to play on two teams for the second season in a row this year and so far it has turned out nicely. One team is in the “B” level and the other in “C”. So I get a nice mix of the talent I face each night and each level allows me to work on different aspects of my game. Yesterday I was relaxing with my family before my back to back games when my phone rang. It was the rink asking if I can come in early to sub-in for the first game of the night.

I’ve played three games in a night before so I agreed to come down. This turned my back to back games into back to back to back with no break. The first two games I played was at the “B” level and the last game was “C” level. Playing back to back “B” level games really saps your energy and by the time the “C” level game came around I was almost running on fumes. I never mind subbing-in, but I would prefer that I had a little bit of a break in between games to recover.

The reason I was asked to sub-in is that several goalies were unable to play last night due to a prior engagement. I am not sure what the situation is with the rinks near where you play, but everywhere I have played there has always been a shortage of goaltenders. In the rink I play at now you could avoid joining a team and just about every night, pretty much guarantee at least one game you can sub-in for. I have subbed-in on games where the goalie moved to another state or country, the goalie got injured, and even one instance when the goalie tragically passed away.

I can take a guess as to why there are so few goaltenders out there. Not only is the equipment expensive, but the position is extremely physically and mentally demanding. Not many people are willing to purposely stand in front of an object flying at them at speeds over 60 miles per hour. As a goaltender you miss out on the glory of scoring goals and there is more pressure on you to be perfect. However, there is such satisfaction in making an amazing save or getting a shutout. To me there is much more reward to being a goalie than a player.

If you are like me and always looking for opportunities to improve your game, talk to your rink and let them know you want to be called whenever they need a goalie. It is a win-win situation for both parties. The rink gets to host a regular game and you get more ice time to work on your skills.

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