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Pant Suspenders: Yea or Nay?

When I started playing goalie I did not have suspenders on my pants. My chest/arm (C/A) protector usually was kept outside with my pants pulled up as high as they could go. This worked during the early parts of practice or a game, but with different saves that shuffled my equipment around and sweat weighing my pants down, my pants would start to fall down and expose unprotected areas on my torso. Eventually I picked up a pair of suspenders and wore them under my C/A. Today I still use suspenders but put them over my C/A instead.

By using suspenders it helps keep everything in its place and reduces how tight you make your C/A and pants. As a goalie you want to be as big as possible. If you make your C/A and/or pants too tight you end up reducing their size and increasing the area under your arms and on your side. There was one point a while ago when I was not using suspenders and I noticed how tapered my equipment looked around my waist. I also quickly became aware of the increase in goals I was giving up through the sixth and seventh holes (6th is between blocker and rib cage and 7th is between glove/catcher and rib cage).

There is a big debate among goalies as to whether or not to wear your suspenders over or under your C/A. Over the years I have tried both approaches and found that over is better for me. Having my suspenders over my C/A helps keep it tucked into my pants and prevents it from shifting around during a game. When I tried having the suspenders under my C/A, yes it kept my pants up high and spread out, but my C/A would pop out of my pants and shift around, exposing areas that were not protected.

Then you have some goalies who do not use suspenders at all. I know some goaltenders that feel too restricted with suspenders. They feel that their flexibility gets reduced and movement feels boxy. Whatever your personal preference, just make sure that you are not causing your equipment to be smaller than it has to be.

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