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Contacts or Glasses?

Not every sports player has perfect vision and most sports require your vision to be sharp. Blurry vision can have a significant impact on a goaltender’s performance and health. Not being able to track the puck properly or misjudging the trajectory of the puck might just end up leading to an unwanted goal. However, what if you thought the puck looked like it was coming in low and it ends up hitting you in the head giving you a concussion? Same thing goes for the players around you in the crease. If you cannot tell who is who or see what is going on around you, you might not see someone who is about to crash into you.

It might be annoying at times and will end up costing you money, but to play safely at the best level you can, you need to be able to see things clearly. When my vision was not that crisp anymore I started wearing my glasses under my mask. I was able to see the puck clearly, but there were times the lenses would fog up. When I was sweating enough the frame constantly slid down my nose and every whistle was spent readjusting them. The biggest issue of all was that the wear and tear of pulling the mask on and off caused the glasses to break.

The only time I ever wore contacts was for my wedding, so after my glasses broke at the end of a game I decided to give them another try. The only thing I do not like about contacts is the setup and maintenance. It is so much easier just putting on a pair of glasses. Overall my vision is better with contacts and I do not have to worry about my glasses breaking on me.

If you are going to choose glasses over contacts I strongly recommend going to your eye doctor and getting sport goggles. They are designed for impact and can take the beating a regular pair of glasses cannot. Sport goggles are expensive, so if money is tight go with a plastic frame with no nose pads. If you are wearing a metal frame with nose pads and you get hit hard enough in the face or your mask gets pulled off, most likely you are going to get cut and more seriously, you could injure your eyes.

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