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Success, How Bad Do You Want it?

I mentioned in my first post for this blog how influential my Uncle Don has been throughout my life. Another gem of wisdom that he frequently tries to impart is, “How bad do you want it?” I would tell him about a goal I had and he would ask me that question. He would help me figure out what it would truly take to succeed and understand what I was committing to. Recently he sent an email around talking about a video my cousin sent him.

The video is from a project by Greyskale Multimedia using an amazing inspirational speech by Eric Thomas, “The Hip Hop Preacher”. There is so much great material in this speech. Most people want to succeed, but they like the idea of the success. They kind of want it bad. That is not enough to be successful.

The story of the guru clearly demonstrates what it takes to be successful. As Mr. Thomas described, “When you want to succeed as bad as you want to breathe, then you’ll be successful.” If you want something bad enough, as bad as you want to breathe, your brain will arrange things and opportunities will open for you. The success part comes down to whether or not you take advantage of these opportunities. Lucius Annaeus Seneca once said, “Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.”

I have read some reactions to the speech and they have a negative view on it. They talk about how dangerous it is to not get enough sleep or to not eat enough. That is not the point of the speech. Mr. Thomas is not saying in order to succeed you must forgo food and sleep and kill yourself all the time. What Mr. Thomas is trying to convey is that if you want to succeed you need to make your goal your number one priority and focus. You might have to give up hanging with your friends at points or playing video games or any side thing you do. Does it mean you might get less sleep or miss a meal here or there? Possibly. If succeeding was easy, everyone would do it.

No matter what level you are trying to achieve with goaltending or any goal/dream, you have to ask yourself “How bad do you want it?” There is no easy path to take in order to be successful, no magic pill. It is all about the consistent, hard work you put in. Want to be able to make those split saves? It takes months of diligent stretching to become that flexible. Want to have an amazing glove? It takes eye coordination drill after eye coordination drill. Want to shut the five hole down in an instant? You need to perform tons of knee-drives. You cannot expect to show up to your once a week game and stand on your head if you don’t put the effort in on all the other days you don’t have a game.

After seeing this video I have been trying to listen to it on a daily basis. When negative thoughts come in trying to throw me off my path, try to make me give up, I think about this speech and ask myself “How bad do I want it?” I remind myself why I set the goal and try to experience the emotion of how bad I want to breathe.

“It’s pretty simple, the Actions you take will determine the Results you Achieve.” ~ Anthony Robbins

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