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Advanced to the Next Round

This past Wednesday night was the first round of the single elimination playoffs for the Silver division team I am on. Due to it being the day before Thanksgiving there were a large number of no-shows and we almost did not have a game. At first it was going to be 3-on-3, but at the last minute two more players showed up and we were able to have a regular 4-on-4 game. The only downside was that there were no subs, so towards the end of the first period everyone was exhausted.

The rink I play at changes the game periods for the playoffs from three 15 minute periods down to two 20 minute periods. Not really sure why they do this but when your team is short on players it causes them to fatigue much faster. Even though everyone was exhausted my team still managed to score plenty of goals for us to win. The final score was 13 to 5 and forced to end three minutes early because of the 8 goal mercy rule. I saw an average number of shots for this league and only two of the five goals were completely on me. The first goal I squared up with the center of the shooter and not the puck and got beat low blocker side. The other goal I did not come out enough to cut off the angle and got beat high glove side.

Next week are the 2nd and final rounds of the playoffs as well as the start of the new season for my Bronze division team. In the event my Silver division team wins the 2nd round, we have no break and we play for the championship. Once the championship game is finished I go right into the first game of the season for the Bronze division. So it looks like next Wednesday night is going to be mighty busy with a potential of back to back to back games. I do not mind playing three games in a row if it means that I go home that night a champion.

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