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Keep Your Stick Down!

August 9, 2011 Leave a comment

So many goals can be prevented if the goaltender keeps their stick firm on the ice. What tends to happen is as you are looking through a screen or T-Pushing to the other post or being drawn off angle by a player going east to west, you lift your stick just ever so slightly off the ice. It is around this time that a shot is taken along the surface and scoots right in under your stick and between your legs. The other situation where a goaltender typically lifts their stick is right when a shot is taken or when they drop into butterfly. The goalie flinches when the shot happens and the instinct is to bring everything closer to the body including the arms and the stick comes up. Read more…


Why Open Hockey Is So Important

August 6, 2011 Leave a comment

I try to play in net anywhere from two to three times a week. Typically there is a game and then a practice session at open hockey on either late Friday nights or early Saturday mornings. I look forward to these practices and get a lot out of them. Depending on your mindset and approach to these open skates you are going to love it or hate it.

If you haven’t been down to one let met start off by saying that you will have next to no defense. This translates into more odd-man rushes and passing plays that will make your head spin. A goaltender can get pretty frustrated by all of this and it can affect their confidence. I take a different view on this. All of the crazy plays that get setup in front of me, the constant breakaways, the back and forth passing in a 3 on 1, help to make me better. Read more…