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Maltese Hockey GPS Combo – Neck and Clavicle Protector

Full Gear w/ ComboWhen I was a teenager I used to wear an old-school Vaughn neck protector along with a plastic dangler to protect my neck and throat as best I could. The Vaughn helped a little but most of my neck and throat was still exposed. Thankfully when I was younger I only got hit once in the throat due to a freak redirection of the puck. A player hit me high in the chest with a slapshot that ricocheted up under the dangler and into my throat.

Fast forward some years and I have been playing with just a dangler and more and more I am either getting smashed in the collarbone or taking one off the side of my neck. The crazy thing is that it happens more during warm-ups before a game by my own teammates than the opposing team!! There is going to be a post dedicated to just this topic. The most recent shot I took was the worst of them yet, it hit me on the side of my neck where it meets my collarbone. So, I started doing research on the awesome website, Goalie Store and learned about the Maltese Hockey GPS Combo for the neck and clavicle area.

GPS Combo Side Profile GPS Combo Front

Posts from a variety of goaltenders spanning multiple years had only amazing things to say about the GPS Combo and the expert manufacturing and professionalism of the owner, Phil Maltese. That was more than enough to sell me on it. There were a lot of posts saying that Mr. Maltese works with you directly to come up with the best version of the GPS combo for you and I couldn’t agree more.

I called Mr. Maltese and ended up leaving a message for him and he called me back that same day. He is a down to earth guy, a goaltender himself, and is extremely passionate about his products. We discussed how I play, the large assortment of modifications that can be made to the GPS combo, the technology behind the design, and the reason Mr. Maltese started the company.

GPS Combo No Equipment GPS Combo w/ Chest Protector Front View GPS Combo w/ Chest Protector Side View

The GPS combo slides over your head and attaches securely around your neck with a heavy duty Velcro tab and features a special gel that reduces the force of impact as well as the overall weight of the guard itself. Besides keeping shots from becoming broken clavicles, a bruised neck, and damaged throats, it also protects the goaltender from skate blades and stick slashes. The following video (WARNING: VERY GRAPHIC) of Buffalo Sabres goaltender Clint Malarchuck getting cut in the throat by another player’s skate blade shows why a goaltenders neck should be protected.

I ended up choosing the standard model with one modification. I only play roller hockey right now and my chest protector is more than enough for the shots I face. However, once I start getting into ice hockey I want more protection in my chest and sternum area. The GPS Combo has the option for a sternum piece, but it is permanently attached. I asked Mr. Maltese if he could modify it so that I could add the sternum piece at a later date, which he did. I also opted for the custom embroidery and got my last name and number (#30) stitched on.

Tomorrow night is my first game using the GPS Combo, so I will have to write up my experience using it. Because of what the piece of equipment is supposed to protect, I hope it never has to save the day. However, moving forward I know that I will be very protected and this security will lead to even more confidence than I already have in net.

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